Game Of Thrones (VFX Breakdown)

Rodeo FX produced 152 visual effects shots for eight episodes of season 6 of Game of Thrones, HBO’s epic fantasy drama. The studio’s work included a pivotal battle scene at the gates of Meereen. Over six months, and working on the kind of tight production schedule required for episodic TV, Rodeo FX delivered cinematic quality work, enhancing the magic for audiences around the world.

Our SFX and Sound Design wizard Iohann M. Miller got to breath in some more life into Rodeo FX’s official VFX Breakdown for HBO’s Game Of Thrones – Season 6. The Sound Design includes everything non-music reaching from explosions and fire to footsteps and dragons. Iohann was also responsible for the final mix.

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Game Of Thrones (VFX Breakdown)Peter