Parallel 51

Parallel 51 Cover Artwork (Daniel Beaudry / Zen Images)

Parallel 51 cover artwork by Daniel Beaudry
(Zen Images)

Everything surrounding and affecting us is based on constant changes. Nothing is static, everything constantly evolves. Take a football game as a simple example, a get-together with your family or a trip to the mountains – rarely it is predictable how anything unfolds, leave alone forecasting a specific outcome or result.

The same applies to the entertainment industry with its tight deadlines and spontaneous shifts in direction. When we started to think about a new trailer music album at Eon Sounds, it only felt natural to take the environment we live and work in into account. But while our music already always reflects a part of us and our surroundings, we wanted to take it one step further this time. We wanted to establish a concept that enables all sounds created for the album to be as creatively applicable as possible.

Parallel 51 is a dual layer concept album where every track comes with an A-side, a B-side, and a Tool Box. While the B-side is more melodic to fully immerse the audience, the A-side is its aggressive sibling, ready to create high impact. Both sides match in key, bpm, and style so that you can use it in the most flexible and creative way. The Tool Box consists of all elemental sounds from the album. This way you can mix all Stems with separate Risers, Swells, Impacts, Tension Blocks as well as a Paradox Box and apply changes on the fly. We believe that this approach can support you on delivering the creative vision you and your team have in mind.

To demonstrate the creative process, we merged the A-side track Khronos and its B-side pendant Chronos together with the tracks’ Tool Box elements. You can watch how it works in the introduction video below:

I’m *loving* the 26 cues, really creative wonderful compositions.

John Rodd, BAFTA-nominated mixing and mastering engineer (Star Wars Battlefront, Elysium, Breaking Bad, Parallel 51)

Parallel 51 Toolbox Usage Example

Mix and match all Stems from Parallel 51’s A- and B-side with separately created Risers, Swells, Impacts, Tension Blocks as well as a Paradox Box from the Tool Box.

From 0:50 till the end, you can hear Hope from Parallel 51, composed by Nikola Jeremic, in the Theatrical UK Trailer for Remainder (Soda Pictures), cut by Intermission Film, below:

Also, you can hear a track from James Griffith taken from the toolbox in Annabelle : Creation (Warner Bros.)

26 tracks composed by 8 composers from all over the world as well as a Tool Box consisting of additionally over 300 tracks are ready for you to explore:

The full package comes with

  • 26 Full Tracks in 48Hz/24Bits
  • > 40 Alt Tracks in 48Hz/24Bits
  • > 220 Stems 48Hz/24Bits
  • > 300 Tool Box Tracks in 48Hz/24Bits
  • Mp3 in 320kbs
  • Meta Sheet

Get in touch with us to receive the full package of Parallel 51.

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