Tiny Legends & Fantastical Giants

We invite you to a land full of Tiny Legends and Fantastical Giants!

Composed by the Notes-Smiths Lukasz Ledzki and Adam Brown, our new melodic trailer album features the enchanting vocals by Mirela Nita, Magdalena Przychodzka, and Maya. R
Get a glimpse into a world full of mystery and bravery and request the full album for your next project now. (Non-Vocal versions available)

The album includes 11 tracks with styles ranging from sweet fantastic fairytales to intense hybrid orchestral.
You can watch and hear a preview in the introduction video below:

You can hear the track “Giants and Fairies” in the trailer of Tale of Tales starring Salma Hayek and Vincent Cassel.

The track starting at 1:06 till the end.


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Tiny Legends & Fantastical GiantsFrancois Jolin
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