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A look behind the scenes of the live recording session for George Strezov’s track Robot Invasion‘s with our partner Four For Music

Undaunted Trailers Album by Eon Sounds

Cover Artwork by Daniel Beaudry at Zen Images

Specifically tailored for Theatrical Trailers Undaunted is featuring an “eclectic set of 23 tracks”, it offers music ranging from “orchestral to electronic and beyond”.

Composers: Ivan Torrent, Sebastian Watzinger, Robin Hoffman, Andrew Aversa, François Jolin, Dirk Ehlert, George Strezov, Jochen Flach, Nikola Jeremic, Irving Victoria, Jeff Broadbent, Jarkko Hietanen, Red Ochsenbein, Ciaran Birch, Meena Shamaly and Petteri Sainio


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