• Tiny Legends & Fantastical Giants

  • The Oslo Diaries

    François Jolin
  • Parallel 51

  • Annabelle: Creation

    James Griffiths
  • StarCraft: Remastered

    Petteri Sainio
  • Moment Factory Demo Reel

    François Jolin - Vamoise
  • Final Fantasy XV Omen Trailer Music

    Final Fantasy XV

    François Jolin - Armaud
  • Alice VR

    François Jolin - Sebastian Watzinger - Iohann M. Miller - Julie Shields
  • Game Of Thrones – Season 6 (VFX Breakdown)

    Iohann M. Miller
  • Tale of Tales

    Adam Brown - Lukas Ledzki
  • Remainder

    Nikola Jeremic
  • Undaunted

  • Fall of Gods

    François Jolin
  • The 100

    Evan Frankfort
  • Water Reflections

    François Jolin
  • Citizen Soldiers

    Dirk Ehlert
  • Limit Theory

    François Jolin
  • Hard Right

    François Jolin
  • The Genex

    François Jolin
  • Super Fun Night

    Evan Frankfort
  • Siemens

    Sebastian Watzinger
  • The Secret World

    François Jolin
  • Right House Meeses

    Jeremy Cullen
  • Olo

    François Jolin
  • Guinness

    Eanan Patterson
  • Right House Elephant

    Jeremy Cullen
  • Old Brewery

    François Jolin
  • Winnetou

    François Jolin - Dirk Ehlert - Meena Shamaly
  • Monumental

    Eanan Patterson - Dirk Ehlert - Oliver Sadie
WorkFrancois Jolin
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