François Jolin Canada  CEO, Audio Director

An award-winning composer from Montreal, Canada.
Throughout the past 15 years he has provided original scores and sound design to a variety of feature films, TV series, commercials, trailers, and video games.

At Eon Sounds, François is a composer, the audio director, projects supervisor, and producer.
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Tommy Menard Canada  Business Developer, Sales Manager

Tommy has an administrative and sales background. Prior to Eon Sounds, Tommy has worked at CANON for over 8 years as a corporate account executive and sales manager for commercial and corporate accounts.

At Eon Sounds, Tommy is the business developer and sales manager.

Peter F. Ebbinghaus Germany Producer, Agent

With a background in economics and copywriting, Peter represents Eon Sounds in Europe and Asia as a producer and agent. He is also Editor-in-chief at, a news and interviews site covering the world of music for media.

Iohann M. Miller Canada Scoring Mixer, Sound Designer

Iohann has been with Eon Sounds since its inception. Apart from being the main scoring mixer, he is also a supervising sound editor and sound fx designer. Iohann is a certified audio technician, having studied at renowned Musitechnic in Montreal. He also worked as sound editor on numerous games like Dragon Age: Origins and is producing upcoming music artists and bands.

Sebastian Watzinger Germany Composer, Producer

Sebastian supervises the production of our albums. He spent several years in the advertising world and has worked on several TV series and film projects.
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Thomas Wolf Austria Developer, Producer, Designer

Software coder extraordinaire, from game and web development to flight search engines to theme park motion control, and most recently Resonic, the planet’s fastest audio player and sample browser. He also produces music and audio as well as he does graphic design. Tom is a consultant and technical director at Eon Sounds.

We represent international artists for custom scoring, SFX, foley and music licensing for films, games, advertising and trailers in North America, Europe and, Asia.

With a dedicated team of seasoned music and audio professionals, Eon Sounds provide a steadfast and remote flexibility that can accommodate all types of audio post-productions across multiple time zones.

We can provide an all-inclusive package hiring key talents for your specific needs. Our team can cover the following positions in your production:

  • Audio Director
  • Composers
  • Sound Designers
  • Vocalists
  • Voice-over Artists
  • Musicians
  • Music Producers
  • Music Editors
  • Music Supervisors
  • Sound Engineers
  • Scoring mixers
  • Audio Coders
  • Orchestrators
  • Orchestras

A custom group optimized for your needs is available on request via info[at]

Apart from post-production services we also offer public distribution of our music in collaboration with established L.A. based labels to make sure that both soundtrack and your project have the best visibility possible.

Eon Sounds was founded by award-winning Composer and Producer François Jolin in Montreal, Canada, in 2005. Eight years later, long-time experienced Business Developer Tommy Menard joined him to create Eon Sounds Production Inc. in 2013.

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